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Vigil for the innocent Christchurch vict
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welcome to miracle paws, where we hope to make you smile :)




Miracle Paws K9Therapists are experienced Wellbeing, Comfort, Companion and Events Dogs in Melbourne Australia. Our canine super stars are often seen working around Melbourne, bringing hope, comfort, support and smiles to thousands of human faces.


Our experienced Therapy and Wellbeing Dogs bring joy to children, adults and seniors alike. Our teams focus in improving mental health and wellbeing through Animal Assisted Therapy. We offer grief support, focus in student wellbeing and anti bullying by engaging with students during and after school.

Our human Miracle Paws handlers have 'Working With Children Checks' (WWCC) for education settings and 'National Police Checks' (NPC).


Our Miracle Paws canine portfolio comprises of Private Home Visits, One on One, Group Visits - Youth and Senior, Hospital Visits, including ICU, Cardiac, Surgical, Paediatrics, Palliative, Rehabilitation and Mental Health. We visit primary schools, high schools, universities, hospitals, aged care, attend exhibitions, help with fundraisers and bring much needed smiles in busy work places, in government departments, the corporate sector and the list goes on. We are also part of the Royal Children's Hospital Wellbeing Program.


Miracle Paws Therapy and Comfort Dogs have brought much needed support and comfort at funerals, wakes, including public tributes and vigils across Melbourne.


At a public vigil held on the steps of parliament, the Red Cross commented, "Miracle Paws have provided greater comfort and support than what we have!"

Our Therapy Dogs bring smiles to over 80,000 human faces every year and we look forward to bringing many more.

People with allergies - We understand that there are people with allergies and they may be indecisive to pet a dog. If you do have a dog allergy, please check with you doctor first.

- A memorable moment during one of our visits -

She cuddled Remy with tears streaming down her face, then looked up into Remy's eyes and said,

"Remy, thank you for not being judgmental."

If you would like further details on how we can visit you or your organisation, 
please contact our team on email:  or tel:  040111 PAWS (7297)
We look forward to hearing from you, "keep smiling & enjoy your day"
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