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Hello, we are working on this page under a new platform. It will be amazing and online very soon. Have a pawsome day :)
Corporate Paws Visits & Work Place Paws Visits

"I haven't smiled this much for a long time"

"I changed my day off to be here"

"This is the best day at work ever"

"Can you leave them with us?"

"I can go back happily working "

"OMG this one is real!"

"Can I swap him for my partner?"

"This was the best staff bonding session ever"

"They are therapists with fur"

"Thank you for bringing hypoallergenic dogs"

"They made an ordinary day an extraordinary day"

"It's been quite a stressful day. I feel so much calmer now"

"This one is my new counsellor"

"Thank you for the amazing presentation. Miracle Paws Dogs are angels with paws"

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