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Therapy & Wellbeing Dogs making a positive contribution to student and staff wellbeing

Pits & Chilli.jpg

Principal's Pet


Year 12 Graduation


Teacher's Assistant

Ralph Mckinnon.jpg

Group Sessions

Chilli Mel Uni Hat.jpg
Chilli signing of Shirt.jpg
Marshall 1.jpg

Tertiary Visits

Year 12 Shirt Signing

Red Carpet

Uni Support

Milo Mckinnon 1.jpg

Hanging Out

Chilli Studying.JPG

Revising For Exams

Milo Mckinnon.jpg

Lunchtime Cuddles

Chilli Melbourne Uni.jpg

Uni Team Building

Hendricks Gorilla.jpg

VCE Dress Ups

Chilli Sitting outside with staff.jpg

Senior Colleagues 

Boston 3.jpg

'Chillax' During Exams

GSA Ramon.jpg

Uni Life

Chilli Cold Day.jpg

Just Chilling

Chilli & Ralph Library.jpg

Library Session

Chilli Chess.jpg


Marshall 3.jpg

Classroom Visits

Chilli cookies.jpg



Class Room Participation

Chilli Mckinnon Teaching.jpg

K9 Edu-Class With Cheeky Chilli

Chilli Melbourne Uni Student Union 1.jpg

Quiet Time With Friends

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